Screen Printing MenifeeMenifee Shirts is about High Quality… Low Price… Creative Design Screen Printing for your business, school, team, church or personal use!

We use quality equipment to ensure a quality product, all in-house, which is why we are considered the #1 Menifee screen printing company! There is much more to this intricate process than pushing ink through a screen. We work meticulously beginning with the design of your shirt, creating a concept that you’ll love. We print our own films, coat and expose our own screens, and print the shirts on our multi-color/station press. We ensure your print is properly cured by running it through our commercial Ranar conveyor dryer. From start to finish, quality is our number one goal every step of the way.

We guarantee the quality of both our apparel and graphic. We want our customers to return for future business, therefore we strive to do our best with every job!

We all live on a beautiful planet and we do our part to maintain it responsibly! We use both plastisol and water based inks. Both are used responsibly so that nothing is contaminated. We use products that are environmentally and biologically friendly. You can feel good about ordering from us knowing that you’re not contributing to the pollution of our beautiful environment.

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